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traditional Karate online
for those with time and distance challenges


Welcome to Traditional Karate Online.

Though we feel that in-person training is the best for student development, Online training is an acceptable alternative for those who have time, distance, or Covid-19 safety struggles.

This program is laid out very similarly to our in-person training.  The technical development layout is the same as well as the testing requirements and procedures.  The only difference is in partner training.  It is encouraged to get a partner to start the program with you. Though you can get through the rank of blue belt without a partner, you will need one when you reach the level of green.

Karate cannot be mastered by memorizing moves and forms.  The development of muscle memory and advanced athletic movement is the objective, which only comes from repetition.  Repetition requires time, that is why there are time requirements between ranks.

Other online programs don't address the essential need of time and repetition.  These programs award rank for memorization, allowing the unsuspecting student to move quickly through ranks, thus reaching the rank of Black Belt within a year.  When pointed out, most intelligent people can see the flaw with this logic.  The majority of traditional programs take years of training to reach the authentic rank of black belt. This fact is simply the reality of life.  It is the truth.  It will take hard work, and there will be ups and downs with your martial art training experience. It is this experience that molds a genuine, successful martial artist. If rank is your main objective, you have already lost your way. Rank does not make a martial artist; it is the training and skill that does.

Welcome aboard. We are here to help you become a true martial artist.


To get started, click the Start Button, and fill out the required information.  You will need a credit card to sign up. There will be no charge to your card for 30 days. If you feel this program is not for you at any time, you can cancel the program.

Good luck and have fun.


We want you to succeed, and we are here to help. Never hesitate to call, text or email to ask questions or get advice. Success requires all of us to grow. We are a family.

Phone number:  480-951-2716



We offer to test those who wish to challenge for a karate rank. Testing is not mandatory.  However, we feel it is vital for motivational reasons.

Check our website for rank descriptions, guidelines, and requirements for each training level.

There is a $40 fee per exam. We will return the fee if the student does not pass the exam.

The examiner will execute the tests through Zoom. The student must perform all the required techniques. The examiner will base rank on skill and training time. If the student passes, we will mail a certificate with a belt representing that level to the student within one week.


Program Fee: $49/month

No contracts. A student can drop out at any time.


  1. Program App that includes all information required to train
  2. One 20-minute Zoom private lessons/month
  3. Participation in weekly group technical Zoom classes
  4. Participation in weekly Streaming in-person group classes