Money is a necessary evil. Bills have to be paid. But money doesn’t need to be the most important issue in the world. It is this view that guides our tuition policy. All tuition is month-to-month. We do not require contracts. We believe that it is our responsibility to encourage and motivate our students to train; we do not use the threat of a contract. Additionally, we believe Scottsdale Martial Arts Center is the only school in Scottsdale that has a no-contract (agreement) tuition policy. Please note that if a student is unable to pay all or part of their dues for hardship reasons, they don’t have to pay. Our philosophy is:

“What goes around comes around.”

See front desk for tuition rates.


Tuition Cancellation/Hold Policy


A primary objective of the Scottsdale Martial Arts Center is to offer quality martial arts instruction to its students without requiring them to sign annual contract agreements while maintaining the financial stability of the school.   This financial stability issue is why many martial art schools require contracts.

Our school does not have a HOLD policy but offers a Vacation Mode option.  The student has the option to cancel their Membership or put their tuition in Vacation Mode.  The Vacation Mode benefits both the student and the school.



  1. Cancel Membership.
    A minimum 10-day notice to cancel is required before the tuition due date. The student or parent must send an email to cancel.  Emails are used to keep records.


  1. Place Membership in vacation mode
    a.   Tuition reduced 50% during the vacation period
    b.   Membership rate stays in place (if the school tuition rates go up, the student’s tuition rate will remain the same)
    c.   The student can and is strongly encouraged to make up classes lost during the vacation at no additional charge when they return.  The majority of SMAC’s students are on the twice-a-week tuition policy.  These make-up classes, in essence, are at a 50% discount; excellent value.
    d.   Student can follow their classes on Zoom
    e.   Re-enrollment expenses are saved
    f.   No lost training time for rank advancement



OPTION #2 is a win/win for the student and the school.  The student receives their make-up training at a 50% discount plus enjoys all the other benefits that come with the option.  The school wins because it financially survives the problematic summer when many of its students leave for vacation.  Most important of all, no tuition agreements are necessary for instruction at this school.


Please do not hesitate to talk to Sensei Ray about these policies.  Communication is the essence of understanding.