Powerful Words Character Development Program

We Give Your Children an Unfair Advantage in Life

We strive to be more than just a martial art school, always looking for ways to enhance your children’s learning experience.  You deserve a full curriculum that helps to develop your children socially and cognitively as well as physically.  That is why we have partnered with internationally acclaimed Child and Adolescent Development Specialist, Robyn J. A. Silverman, Ph.D.   Dr. Robyn provides a multitude of resources to the families of our school for the betterment of our children.

Dr. Robyn, as many call her, has developed a comprehensive character development curriculum called Powerful Words.  Powerful Words provides easy-to-follow lessons for children ages 4- 7, 7 ½ -13 years as well as lessons for teens—lessons that give each student the strength to explore and the foundation to succeed.  Here at the Scottsdale Martial Arts Center (SMAC), such a character education program used within the context of our organized martial arts lessons invites students to listen, share, discover and reflect on the ways to become upstanding members of our community as well as confident individuals in their own right.

Our Bulletin Board offers our parents a one-stop information center to keep you updated as to what the children will be learning, in addition, you’ll receive monthly editions of the Parents’ Perch, Dear Dr. Robyn, and Powerful Projects.  The Parents Perch is a letter that describes the Powerful Word of the Month and how we will be teaching it at our academy.  This can serve as a great discussion starter for you and your kids!  The Dear Dr. Robyn Column is kind of like “Dear Abby” for parents of SMAC…I know you’ll find it helpful!  Each month our students will have the opportunity to be positively recognized for completing a Powerful Project.  These projects are age-appropriate, very educational, and fun to do!  You’ll also notice that at the end of every class our students take part in a Power Chat that helps them to solidify their understanding of the Powerful Word of the Month.  With this curriculum, SMAC’s students get two world-class programs for the price of one!

SMAC is already regarded as the finest Martial Arts academy in our area – the addition of this program makes us the leading Personal Development Center as well!

Sensei Ray Hughes


May’s 2021 Powerful Words Parent Kit

May is HERE…and…so are your Powerful Words Goodies 🙂

Time for those April showers to bring us the May Flowers, right? We are pumped and ready for another awesome month as we welcome May into our lives…so glad you’re here with us! We’re confident that May will be another life-changing month for so many here!

This month, we’re going to dedicate the entire month to helping our people understand the value of believing and expecting that everything will work out for the best. We know the importance of Optimism both in sports as well as in life, so we’re excited to help foster this character trait / mindset in all of our members.

As you know by now, we are so much more than simply a Martial Arts Academy here at SMAC. As the #1 Personal Development Center in our area, we are proud to bring you the internationally acclaimed Personal Development System, Powerful Words.  Designed by our very own Child Development Expert, Dr. Robyn Silverman.

We are honored and proud to provide an outstanding physical education here at our academy, however, we truly pride ourselves on the development of the whole person — the physical as well as the social/emotional side.

In order to make your life a little easier, I thought I’d go ahead and send you the links to download all of your Powerful Words materials for May’s Powerful Word (A little late this month, sorry ). This way, you’ve got them right at your fingertips.  Please click the following links to download your files right now, ok?


Parents Perch —> https://bit.ly/3ebkkdU

Dear Dr. Robyn —> https://bit.ly/3v1qlRc

Young Kids Powerful Project —> https://bit.ly/3v6bUvo

School Age Kids Powerful Project —> https://bit.ly/3n13xOE

Teen and Adults Powerful Project —> https://bit.ly/3eecznu


As always, it’s our honor and our pleasure to have you in our family.  Thank you for helping to make our program as awesome as it now is (and getting better every day in every way!)


We’re so honored that we get the opportunity to work with you and your family.


Warm regards,

From all of us at SMAC