Mary Tatum

Mary began her karate study in 1994 in a Korean style martial arts. In 1999 Mary found Scottsdale Martial Arts Center and continued her karate journey/training in Wado Kai under Sensei Ray Hughes where she continues to this day!

In 2005 Mary was awarded her Sho Dan Black Belt in Wado Kai, earned her Ni Dan in 2009 and has received an invitation to test for her San Dan Black Belt in December 2015. She continues to train four evenings a week, and also assists and instructs in weekly classes for Pee Wees, Juniors, Teens and Adults. One of her greatest passions is working with our Pee Wee group!

Mary is a member of the Belt Promotion Board at Scottsdale Martial Arts Center and this has truly been rewarding, exciting and a wonderful opportunity to know each and every student on a more personal level. She has been a member since 2004.

Mary has been training in Okinawa Kobudo and Kobujitsu since 2003 and earned her Sho Dan Black belt in 2010. She continues to train and also instructs the Kodubo class on Friday evenings. She has competed in Kobudo at numerous tournaments in the Western states since 2003.

Her martial arts journey continues with her training in Shito Ryu and Goju Ryu style under the instruction of Sensei’s Robert & Robin Hunt. She started training in this style in 2003. Further training and studies also include Hoteikan Judo/Jujitsu starting in 2005.

Mary was awarded, in the sport of Karate, the 2011 Power Play of the Year Award from the Grand Canyon State Games . This prestigious award is given to select individuals who demonstrate exceptional character and sportsmanship as a participant in the Grand Canyon States Games. Select athletes who display extraordinary character as defined by the six pillars of character – trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. The Grand State Games Tournament is a favorite and Mary has competed here in the Summer and Winter Games since 2000.

Mary received her Certification as a Judge/Referee with the USA National Karate Federation in 2011 and continues to study and upgrade her Certifications. She has been judging/referring since 2006. Her memberships include the USA National Karate Federation, USA Karate and the Japan Karate Federation. Mary is working toward her Coaching Certification with USA National Karate Federation.

Competition is no stranger to Mary. Her very first tournament was in 1999, as a white belt, where she earned her first Gold Medal – she was 60 years old! She has competed in Kumite and Kata Tournaments in Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah. Her medal collection number is quite extensive (over 50)! Competing at the AAU National Karate Championship in Salt Lake City was truly exciting where she earned a Gold Medal in Kata and Silver in Kumite in her age division (55+ years and over)! Competition continues!