Kyle Harder

Kyle started training January of 1989 at 5 years of age. He achieved the rank of Junior Black Belt in Wado at age 11 in 1995. Kyle also trained in Judo for 3 years from ages 13-15 to further his Martial Arts experience, primarily focused on ground techniques and throws. Additionally, he also achieved his 1st degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate in 2008 at the age 25. At age 27 in 2009, Kyle tested and achieved 2nd degree black belt in Wado. In 2012, he tested in the WKF Referee Standards and was given a Category C Judges Certification for Kumite. Since his start in 1989, Kyle has competed over 500 tournaments – Including competing at the WKF/AAU Nationals, WKF US Open, and competing on Team USA for the Wado World Championships in 1999 Tokyo, Japan / 2008 Vancouver, Canada / and 2010 Nagoya, Japan. Kyle has also competed across multiple Karate federations, where he was a part of the Southwest Karate Kumite Team that took Gold in Team Kumite at the US National ISKF Karate Tournament in San Francisco, California. Kyle has been teaching Private Lessons since achieving his Black Belt in Wado and continues to invest in the (up-and-coming) youth karate-ka of Wado. Last, but certainly not least, Kyle has spent 26 years of training under Ray Hughes and continues to do so, today.