Duane Abbajay

  • Received Shodan (first degree black belt) in 2013
  • Received Nidan (second degree black belt) in 2018
  • Has Competed In Both US Open & US Nationals (Winning Gold & Silver Medals 2010 U.S. Nationals)
  • Participates on Belt Promotion Board Testing & Tournament Referee

“I brought my son in to try SMAC in 2006 after having tried a couple different dojos. I was invited to try the adult class in 2008 by Sensei Ray Hughes. My wife Paula also began training shortly there after. We found ourselves really enjoying the many friendships with other families. (Sharing in karate training with them is to this day a cherished bonus).
A few years later, I experienced one of the proudest experiences of my life in receiving a black belt with my son Frazier in 2013.

KARATE has had so many unexpected benefits, including a much enhanced awareness in everyday life. Even interacting with customers in my work. The gift of a great life coping tool-from dealing with the loss of a loved ones to my own life threatening illness.
Today, having the opportunity to teach others is a great honor. Assisting them in their personal journey means to me not so much suggesting just what to see, but more as importantly where to look.”