Brian Berka

Brian Berka was one of those parents who, twenty years ago, brought his children to karate class. After sitting in the stands watching for years, he finally decided the workout floor might be a better place to hang out. This was October of 2005. His three kids are long ago gone from karate class and Brian is now a karate teacher. Such is the way.

Brian received black belt rank in Shito Ryu karate (December 2014) as well as Okinawan kobudo (December 2012) from Robert Hunt, part of Fumio Demura’s Genbu-Kai organization. Brian received his Nidan (2nd degree black belt) in both Shito Ryu karate and Okinanwan kobudo in 2018. He teaches both arts at the Scottsdale Martial Arts Center along with coaching the state competition team in both kata and weapons.

Brian is an architectural designer by trade with a degree in Architectural Drafting, studying under a full scholarship. Under his own banner, Berka Design Studio, he has designed homes in upscale Arizona communities such as Desert Mountain, The Boulders and Desert Highlands.

In addition to his design business, karate training and teaching, he owns and operates Torii Wood Weapons, where he creates exquisite wooden martial arts weapons for an ever growing national clientele. Through his extensive personal weapons practice, he has learned the intricacies of Okinawan weaponry and has become recognized within martial arts circles nationwide for his wood working craftsmanship and weapon design as well as his ability to customize his creations to work in balance with individual abilities and proclivities.