Iaido (Way of the Sword)

Learn the rarely taught art of Iadio (Way of the Sword)

Taught by 4th degree black belt David Overby,

Courage, bravery, sincerity, truthfulness, honor, loyalty, and self-control, all considered important attributes of a classic Samurai.

The sword was considered the most iconic expression of the warrior and a tool for development of those attributes. Indeed in Japan it was called the soul of the Samurai.

This system of Iaido is called Araki Mujinsai Ryu. Originating in 1573, it has been passed down through 17 generations of one family to the present Soke (headmaster of the system). Sensei David Overby received his 4th degree black belt directly from Soke.

  • Classes are by necessity small and instruction is primarily one-to-one.
  • There are no competitions in Iaido and progress depends on self-development through learned sequences of movement (kata).
  • Initial practice will use the wooden sword (bokken).
  • As mental and physical skills develop the practitioner will move to an iaito (a dull sword with same weight as an actual Samurai blade).
  • In time a sharpened sword will be used but only within the context of cutting tests (tameshigiri).
  • There will be periodic tests to determine skill level. All tests are conducted by Soke.

Whether you are a layperson seeking to enhance your quality of life or an advanced practitioner of the martial arts wishing to delve deeper into the roots of Japanese martial arts. All are welcome!

Class Schedule

  • Tuesdays from 3 PM to 4 PM (a Saturday class may be added at no additional cost).


  • $60 per month (cash or check only)
  • One time enrollment fee of $35
  • Free trial class
  • Payments due on the first class of the month to Sensei or his representative.
  • Students may discontinue at any time (no partial refunds).


  • Students will be initially supplied with a wooden sword (bokken) and sash (obi).
  • At the appropriate time the student will be directed to a supplier of the iaito (dull practice sword) and hakama (uniform).