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Why Scottsdale Martial Arts?

Scottsdale Martial Arts Center, Inc. operates under the same philosophy that is taught to its students, mediocrity is not acceptable. We do not accept mediocrity with its staff, facility, curriculum, or training equipment. We strive to be the best in the industry in all facets of our operation.

This center is the oldest school in Scottsdale. It started in 1986. You will not find a staff anywhere with more experience and passion teaching the martial arts as at this facility. Though we are a traditional school with a curriculum that spans back to the 17th century, we use the latest technology in computer and video equipment to help our students improve to the highest level at the fastest possible rate.


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Our son has been doing karate at SMAC for 5 years and it's the best thing that has ever happened to him. His love for karate has taught him not only a sport, but discipline to take care of his body each day, respect for himself and others, commitment to continue karate and be the best he can be, and so important, self esteem. He is a very focused child, but we believe karate has kept him even more focused to do well in school. The SMAC dojo is more like a family then a place of business. It is a safe place that we know our son can go to practice without being concerned of his whereabouts.

Sen-sei Ray is the best! What we love is that Sen-sei doesn't just teach karate, he ends each class with some good words, and thoughts. He has the kids walk away with every day life lessons which they can't get anywhere else. We love it that parents are allowed to stay and view the classes. We must say, we love to stay and watch and listen to Sen-sei Ray teach and talk to the kids. It's amazing what we walk away with each class.

My younger son who doesn't take karate yet looks up to Tyler and we believe it's because SMAC teaches respect for all no matter who you are, where you come from, or if you practice karate. You can feel it when you walk into the dojo. When your son invites Sen-Sei Tyler for holidays and his birthday, what does that tell you? We advise anyone interested in exercise, and respect for oneself and others to check out SMAC.

The staff at Scottsdale Martial Arts studio is phenomenal! My 6 yr old daughter wanted to try karate because her friend was doing it so we gave it a shot. I know nothing about martial arts, but was very impressed by Sensei Ray Hughes. I had checked out a few other schools, but he was the first one who didn't make me feel like I'd walked onto a used car lot. He made no promises of making my daughter a black belt by the time she's 8, he didn't make me sign any contracts, and in fact, offered a few free lessons to see if she liked it. I was blown away by each of the sensei's teaching styles, their no nonsense approach and how they expect the kids to act in a mature and disciplined manner. Kids will be kids and this is a safe environment to make mistakes, grow and learn from those mistakes. One minute they are talking about Kung Fu Panda (he likes to subliminally give the kids messages) and the next they are sweating their little butts off. It's been a year and my daughter has competed in 2 local tournaments (gold, silver, gold and bronze) and she will be competing in Vegas in the Jr Olympics. I can't say enough about this place or their instructors. Sensei Tyler has been known to donate his own time for the better of the students and is leading the competition team to Vegas. If you want to reinforce the solid values, discipline and mature thinking that you teach at home, I highly recommend this dojo. Come with a sense of humor and an ounce of humility because you have got to be able to laugh at yourself and life in general.

Martial Arts studios are in every strip mall all over this city. Scottsdale Martial Arts Center, taught by Ray Hughes is by far the best! Ray has such a passion for the Martial Arts and a passion for teaching children. Humor, and "getting down to a kid's level" is Ray's unique way of teaching respect and discipline. He's truly a remarkable and unique man. Ray also teaches adults with the same passion and sensitivity to each person's individual needs. He frequently uses the exact same humor on the adults as he does the children....this brings out the child in all of us, and makes for a very enjoyable, yet highly respectful learning environment. You will love your experience at Scottsdale Martial Arts Center!!

Scottsdale Martial Arts Center has been a wonderful place for our daughter to learn karate! She has not only enjoyed learning this art form, but it has helped improve on her discipline and focus. Hannah definitely had a sense of self esteem before coming to Scottsdale Martial Arts Center, but the senseis have helped her channel her energy and focus to a new level of self assuredness and competence. Not only does our daughter wish to continue learning karate, but she is motivated and excited to come to class! The senseis teach our children at their level, but do not treat them like children. We feel lucky to have found a dojo that helps our child grow now and for the future!